Who are we?

Examkul is complete concoction of online and offline test\exam management for the students. It is a platform where we gauge the overall performance of a student through conducting sets of examinations. Our services not only focus on conduction of exams but also on providing the students with complete personalised result analysis.

What makes us different?

All the EdTech services available in the market constantly focus on flooding the students with learning and teaching facilities. Does that assure the success of the student’s result in the examination? No, it does not.

Personalised Evaluation

The EXAMKUL’s way of learning and evaluating each student’s progress with complete result analysis, give them a correct path to walk on, towards their success.

EXAMKUL – The official app, brings you the greatest learning experience with personalised evaluation for the exams through the best teachers, technology and content to witness a unique personal growth journey.

Who are we

Why one should choose EXAMKUL?

Learning is the basic, yet the most important aspect of a student’s life. Without any doubt, a lot of platforms provide the best learning experience for a student to have. But it is noticed that students, somehow, find themselves in a dilemma where they are not able to perform well in their examinations even after providing themselves with the best possible learning experience. So to fill the space in, connect with EXAMKUL –A platform where each and every student is provided with personalised evaluation from the best teachers across the whole country. We make sure to give the student the right assessment that they need to ace their exams.

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